Hip hop is a big part of my creative process, it brings something out in me.  I don’t know the specific differences between hip hop and rap but when people send me music and propose it as being hip hop or rap I usually prefer what is said to be hip hop.  This is some great music.  It’s combines Katie Couric, 500 Days of Summer, and Lil’ Wayne.  I listen to it and I gain confidence and capability.



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  1. Raising Sand was a great album. Bought it on vinyl and the sound was amazing, eeplciasly how the voices were meshed together and the quiet production by T-Bone Burnett. As for being mad at the Grammys, we all know the Carter 3 was alright, but not a classic. So we can’t be ticked off about it not winning.What pissed me off was the Jonas Bros. telling Stevie Wonder to Show us what you got Stevie bring it or Stevie, I got this. It’s Mr. Wonder to you and Stevie should be telling you, Show me what you got. Another thing that pissed me off was Justin trying to outshine Al Green. Again, tried is the main word

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