Shaving Genius

In most ways I’m like a young teen that just hit puberty, especially my facial hair.  My friend Jeff always had an unfair hair and strength advantage during middle school.  I remember thinking, ‘What happens when Jeff gets older?  He isn’t going to be having little kid sleepover wrestling matches, waiting for his Mommy to tell him it’s time for bed, so that will just leave the hair advantage’.  Now, Jeff is a hideously hairy man, ugly as they come, no one finds him attractive, and my hair is helping me more than ever.  Fuck you Jeff!  My hair wisps have finally served me their natural advantage.  I thought it would be funny to shave everything but my prepubescent mustache one weekend.  After a night of creeping people out…


…I woke up not remembering that I had it on.  Once I looked into the mirror Angel was born.  I feel that he is the toughest Puerto Rican I know.



One comment

  1. He doesn’t look too happy. I don’t blame him. That stupid girl geinttg her picture taken with him then leaking it to Perez. If I ever saw him out I would def. say hi, hell I’d probably come on to him but I doubt I would ask to take a pic and even if I did there’s no way in hell I would leak it. That would be my photo to lust over for the rest of eternity. ha ha

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