Let the bodies hit the floor

I love seeing someone truly talented in a particular field branching out to satisfy other forms of creative expression.  Justin Lamb can pen and perform a poem better than an average bear.  Lamb is currently based out of New Orleans where he works on his craft daily.  Check out this track that he and James Hamilton recently released.  Let the bodies hit the floor reinvents Let the bodies hit the floor with soulful overtones.  Click the picture of J Lamb and James Hamilton (Chilly Diamond) to stream the track or check out the music video.  I’ve attached a two of my favorite Justin Lamb poems below.  Connecticut features one of the best satirical comments regarding Connecticut “…all of our fortune cookies read: You’re Fucked” while Sweaty Teacher tackles issues on a glandular level.  Lamb will release a spoken word CD in early 2012, check back for details. Follow Lamb on twitter: @Justinalamb


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