Sandbox Podcast Eps 009

Sandbox with Rob Gagnon – Episode 009 – Horse Cancer

This week we figure out which bar a man walks into when a man walks into a bar, Drunk Fake Ads and a very awkward comedy contest scenario
Featuring: Joe Tullar, Craitlin Freeney, Ariel Greenspoon, Devin Dorsey, Austin Smartt, Eric J. Nagurney

Sandbox Podcast Ep 006 – Ribbon on a stick

Sandbox with Rob Gagnon – Episode 006 – Ribbon on a stick
NSFW – Foul language and some talk about gross stuff.
Here’s what to expect this week!
* Some frank style advice from Ariel (hat wearers be warned)
* How to compliment a woman (be careful)
* Highlights from our live show including a prize from the Rascal Pack
* And a song dedicated to the fashion industry

Sandbox with Rob Gagnon – Episode 005 – Burying Birds

Here’s what to expect this week!
* Ariel gets caught trying to bury a bird
* Rob has a new invention that will change the way cats wear wigs
* Ariel and Rob question their impending marriage with some disgusting stories from their childhood
* A song for the summer