FFF Fest Nights

I’ll be at Fun Fun Fun Fest all weekend! Today at 1:45 I’ll be running Rob Gagnon’s 1 Hour Comedy Festival with over a dozen funny folks. Tonight I’m on Fun Fun Fun Fest Nights at 10:30 with ATX/Nola Comedy Hour, Doug Mellard, and Kyle Kinnane! Bring your badge to The New Movement!



Rob Gagnon’s 1 Hour Comedy Festival


Rob Gagnon’s 1 Hour Comedy Festival

A full length comedy festival jammed into one hour. Fast paced and full of comedy festival stereotypes. “Everyone and everything you see at a comedy festival” will be at The New Movement on April 13th at 10:30pm:

-Unattended Child
-Comic That’s Big In Europe
-Quirky Female Comic
-Guy That’s “Fed Up With Society These Days”
-Angry Female Comic Who May Or May Not Be A Lesbian
-Inexperienced Comic
-A Magician/Comedian
-Obnoxious Blogger Updates
-Overpriced Food Vendors
– Random Celebrities You Only Kind Of Want To See
-White Guys Freestyle Rapping
-Unauthorized Vendor Selling Homemade Shit
-Some Asshole With A Puppet

…And MORE!

The Chronicle was kind enough to write about us!