Ariel Greenspoon

Green Team at MM5

The Green Team will be reversing everyone’s genitalia tonight at the Megaphone Marathons 9pm @TNM_Austin #MM5



ALNP Episode 2

A Little Naked Podcast Episode 2 is out now!

This weeks little naked podcast features good luck, the worlds oldest Justin, and a truly fun conversation about flies and heavy whipping cream with Ariel Greenspoon.



We’ll start having old episodes soon but for now it’s one week at a time. We’re working on getting connected with iTunes as well.

The Green Team Presents: COUPLE

The Green Team has a sketch show at 8pm on Thursday January 31st February 7th and 14th at The New Movement Theater in downtown Austin!  Stories/Sketch/Video OH MY! (click the pic or link below for tickets and more info)

Green Team Poster web


Be Anything

I recently had the pleasure of working with the talented and vivacious Ariel Greenspoon to help promote The New Movement Theater in downtown Austin.  Big propers to Matt Hannon for the videography and editing, dudes the best.