Hell Yes Fest 2014!

Here is my HYF schedule w links and everything. You should just get an all fest wristband already:


Screening of AC Lerok’s short video Is Hamburgers with Dustin Svehlak and Voltaic Video. 7pm Indywood Cinema

Latebit Comedy Gaming 9pm at Cafe Istanbul


STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER 10:30 at The New Movement


West Coast/Gulf Coast Showcase (stand up) 8pm at Hi-Ho Lounge

AC Lerok also has something special planned but that will be a surprise…



EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

Laugh at death on Halloween night w EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

On Halloween night Austin’s funniest stand ups comics and improvisors take the stage to put to rest anyone and anything they choose. What’s died recently? The iPhone 4, 7th Heaven reruns, summer, chivalry, a future son, the Xbox 360. It’s time to grieve. It’s time to laugh.
October 31st 8pm at The New Movement (616 Lavaca) BYOB

Hosted by Rob Gagnon

John Buseman
Amy Pacheco Jordan
Yusef H Roach
Nathan Ehrmann
Katie Stone
Ariel Greenspoon
Brent Peasley
Terance McDavid



F*cked Up Show and Tell

F*cked Up Show and Tell: Comedians, entertainers, and general misfits bring one object, image, tattoo, pet (anything) to help them relive a fucked up (but also funny) story from their past. Show and tell for fucking adults.

Aaron Brooks: Moontower Comedy, Stay Wonderful Podcast
Avery Moore: The Vapid Show, The Late Slot at The Velveeta Room
Micheal Foulk: Hell Yes Fest, Greetings, from Queer Mountain
Ariel Greenspoon: Bad Example, Austin Sketch Fest
Maggie Maye: FPIA Finalist, Schtick
Christina Parrish: Fun Fun Fun Fest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

Hosted by Rob Gagnon, creator of Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober, The One Hour Comedy Festival

9/19 10:30 at The New Movement BYOB TICKETS $5 Online / $8 Door —>