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Art: Alex Baber



Let the bodies hit the floor

I love seeing someone truly talented in a particular field branching out to satisfy other forms of creative expression.  Justin Lamb can pen and perform a poem better than an average bear.  Lamb is currently based out of New Orleans where he works on his craft daily.  Check out this track that he and James Hamilton recently released.  Let the bodies hit the floor reinvents Let the bodies hit the floor with soulful overtones.  Click the picture of J Lamb and James Hamilton (Chilly Diamond) to stream the track or check out the music video.  I’ve attached a two of my favorite Justin Lamb poems below.  Connecticut features one of the best satirical comments regarding Connecticut “…all of our fortune cookies read: You’re Fucked” while Sweaty Teacher tackles issues on a glandular level.  Lamb will release a spoken word CD in early 2012, check back for details. Follow Lamb on twitter: @Justinalamb

(9) I get paid for doing this…

I get paid for doing this…

My 3 and 4 year old students had to dress up and the teachers decided to jump in on the fun.  My costume was more like a character that I call Single Dad.  I strapped a doll to myself and put on some thick glasses then went around saying, “Have you seen my child… will you be my wife… Carol is that you?”

Draw John Mayer Please

Draw John Mayer please.  I’m not doing this in a serious way or in a joking around sort of way.  This is not ironic and this is not heart-felt.  I simply want you to draw John Mayer, scan the drawing or take a picture of it, and email it to me.  This is simple, just draw John Mayer playing the guitar, walking his girlfriend, eating a salad, whatever… label it (i.e. Elephant John Mayer, Baseball Player John Mayer) then email it to me at


Festival Time!

On November 5th I will be participating in Fun Fun Fun Fest as a member of The New Movement Theater and a first time Air sex competitor!   One week later I get to travel to sleepy old New Orleans town for Hell Yes Fest where I’ll be hosting a character show on November 12th.  Get tickets now for Fun Fun Fun Fest here and tickets for Hell Yes Fest here.  You should really buy the full festival passes, the schedule is impressive for both festivals. If you don’t live in Austin or Nola then phone a friend that can make it.  You will be closer friends for having done this because they’re going to have the time of their lives like that Green Day song only happier and funnier.

This video features one of the first characters I created. I’m posting the Mime Stuff video because I shot this while visiting my friend Justin in New Orleans almost two years ago.  New Orleans hooked me right in, I can’t wait to visit again.  If you like this video then check out parts two and three.


Ralphy Pendergrass: Yo-Tivational Speaker

I made this little gem with the help of Alexandria Berry and Micheal Foulk.  As always the Talent Loop is responsible for the shoot, the edit, all the important stuff I couldn’t do alone.  The Summer and Jared characters will be getting a spin off show of their own, webisode one coming Fall 2011.


(7) I get paid for doing this…

I get paid for doing this…

I had my Pre-K students fill out a worksheet recently.  It would have been unfair if I didn’t match their efforts by completing the assignment as well.  Miyaka, Lil, and Joelene are all great teachers!

I love black people


Finding home when home

Perhaps the most important thing I did while visiting my old stomping grounds in CT was making a video with my little sister Holly.  After seeing my kid sis every week or so for most of her childhood we’ve had to turn to infrequent cell phone calls and a visit home every six months.  I can safely say she is a rad ass chic and has the makings to be wholly original yet approachable, clever, and smart in every sense of the word.  Enjoy what we’ve made, I’m all the better for it.


Tampon Theater

Making this video was such a trip.  As soon as I started getting serious about this I would stop myself and think, wait a second, you’re making something called Tampon Theater, don’t forget how ridiculous this is.  It would be very difficult to get this video done without the help from my New Movement buddies Samantha Pitchel and Jonathan Hubbell.  As always The Talent Loop took what seemed like a rinky dink idea and made it into the polished product I envisioned.  I am so thankful to the people that help me achieve the silly little things that matter to me.  It was such a mind sex to see Tampon Theater come to life.


Art Jokes

I wrote some hacky art related jokes to open the Arts and Comedy showcase that Jonathan Hubbell put together a few months back.  A handful of comics recently mentioned having enjoyed these so I figured it was worth a post.


Cool Guy Steve Roy

Working with other comedians that I think are funny is the best.  I’m starting to enjoy playing a part in someone besides myself being funny.  There is such a big difference between someone that knows how to do it and someone that is learning.  The bottom line is that I’m having fun.  This is James Patrick Robinson, Milo Smith, Chris Trew, and Rob Gagnon in a fun loving summer time video.  I love the song at the end.


Worlds Most Dangerous Somersaults

I recently had the good fortune of working with the improv troupe Spirit Desire.  Give ’em a click to see some of their videos.  I had a cameo in the Spirit Desire video below, Worlds Most Dangerous Somersaults.