Future crafts for adults

Becky Stern makes cool things and you can too.  I contacted her to find out where to send viewers that are interested in all the crafty bits she makes and this is what I got back.  Honestly I think she is underselling how many rad ass publications and T.V. shows have featured her.  Regardless, she led me to the goods (sans publicity) with the links below.

Hey Rob!

Thanks for your interest. I mainly make tutorial videos for MAKE ( and CRAFT ( You can check out just my project videos here:

I also produce/film/edit other videos:

I also artwork in fiber:

and tech:

and I also make and sell a few kits and jewelry items:

Hope that helps! Cheers,


She has a super tutorial for how to make a puffy chair out of old shirts.  I think this speaks to her function.  Anyone could make the things she does without her instruction as long as they did a little research and could bare some trial and error… why go through all that?  Follow Becky and she will lead you to the best possible way to make these impressive products without wasting your time trying to figure it out.  (click the pic to watch the Puffy Chair tutorial, I couldn’t help but notice it features a Willimantic Food Co-Op shirt from my neck of the woods in CT)

Pillow Chair