fucked up show and tell

Fucked Up Show and Tell

Fucked Up Show and Tell premiers tonight @TNM_Austin 10:30 It’s show and tell for fucking adults –> http://bit.ly/1qDSxDP



F*cked Up Show and Tell

F*cked Up Show and Tell: Comedians, entertainers, and general misfits bring one object, image, tattoo, pet (anything) to help them relive a fucked up (but also funny) story from their past. Show and tell for fucking adults.

Aaron Brooks: Moontower Comedy, Stay Wonderful Podcast
Avery Moore: The Vapid Show, The Late Slot at The Velveeta Room
Micheal Foulk: Hell Yes Fest, Greetings, from Queer Mountain
Ariel Greenspoon: Bad Example, Austin Sketch Fest
Maggie Maye: FPIA Finalist, Schtick
Christina Parrish: Fun Fun Fun Fest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

Hosted by Rob Gagnon, creator of Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober, The One Hour Comedy Festival

9/19 10:30 at The New Movement BYOB TICKETS $5 Online / $8 Door —> http://bit.ly/1qDSxDP