fun fun fun fest

FFF Fest Nights

I’ll be at Fun Fun Fun Fest all weekend! Today at 1:45 I’ll be running Rob Gagnon’s 1 Hour Comedy Festival with over a dozen funny folks. Tonight I’m on Fun Fun Fun Fest Nights at 10:30 with ATX/Nola Comedy Hour, Doug Mellard, and Kyle Kinnane! Bring your badge to The New Movement!



Festival Time!

On November 5th I will be participating in Fun Fun Fun Fest as a member of The New Movement Theater and a first time Air sex competitor!   One week later I get to travel to sleepy old New Orleans town for Hell Yes Fest where I’ll be hosting a character show on November 12th.  Get tickets now for Fun Fun Fun Fest here and tickets for Hell Yes Fest here.  You should really buy the full festival passes, the schedule is impressive for both festivals. If you don’t live in Austin or Nola then phone a friend that can make it.  You will be closer friends for having done this because they’re going to have the time of their lives like that Green Day song only happier and funnier.

This video features one of the first characters I created. I’m posting the Mime Stuff video because I shot this while visiting my friend Justin in New Orleans almost two years ago.  New Orleans hooked me right in, I can’t wait to visit again.  If you like this video then check out parts two and three.