EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

Laugh at death on Halloween night w EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

On Halloween night Austin’s funniest stand ups comics and improvisors take the stage to put to rest anyone and anything they choose. What’s died recently? The iPhone 4, 7th Heaven reruns, summer, chivalry, a future son, the Xbox 360. It’s time to grieve. It’s time to laugh.
October 31st 8pm at The New Movement (616 Lavaca) BYOB

Hosted by Rob Gagnon

John Buseman
Amy Pacheco Jordan
Yusef H Roach
Nathan Ehrmann
Katie Stone
Ariel Greenspoon
Brent Peasley
Terance McDavid

Tickets: http://bit.ly/1wn7ywn



(9) I get paid for doing this…

I get paid for doing this…

My 3 and 4 year old students had to dress up and the teachers decided to jump in on the fun.  My costume was more like a character that I call Single Dad.  I strapped a doll to myself and put on some thick glasses then went around saying, “Have you seen my child… will you be my wife… Carol is that you?”