Josh Ryan

Deluxe Box!

It happened when I was in 8th grade with Adam Jameson and Zach Smith, two guys I rode the bus with in middle school, we’re all still friends.  Actually, I remain very close with Zach… best friends?  Maybe… maybe we’re even best friend.  That guy Adam though, we’re just friends because we were friends and liking those memories of riding the bus and making fart sounds keeps us friends.  Sure, he lent me a sound system for a hometown show that I put on at Willibrew a few years back but who knows what that guy is up to now.  Maybe he hates cute cat videos and gives poison brownies to old people, he could be a total crotch rot of a guy, I have no way of knowing.  So Zach (best friend), Adam (human question mark), and me (rockstar) filmed some video in which I had to sing the Linkin Park lyric “Everything you say to me!…” over and over again and they kept insisting I didn’t get it right.  I had to try all kinds of voices and pitches and they finally let me in on the joke.  It’s happened on a few different projects.  This time it was with Josh Ryan shooting a video for The New Movement Theater.  We both agreed to do many takes because it was such a quick line, leaving the camera rolling and trying different voices made sense for some reason.  In the end he edited together a funny bonus video so it was way worth it.  I kind of look forward to this happening again.