micheal foulk

ATX Comedy Hour Tour 3/1-3/9

3/1: El Paso, Black Sheep Cafe, 8pm
3/2: Phoenix, Monkey Pants Bar & Grill, 7:30pm
3/3: Los Angeles, Jack Daniel’s Comedy Classic, Brennan’s Pub (Marina Del Rey), 9pm
3/4: Los Angeles, Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober, Echos Under Sunset, 8pm
3/5: Los Angeles, Ed Galvez Punk House, (Westside Comedy Theater, Santa Monica), 10pm
3/6: Las Vegas, Art Square Theater, 10pm
3/7: Salt Lake City, Lumpy’s, 7:30pm
3/8: Denver, Jake’s, March Madness, 8:00



Ralphy Pendergrass: Yo-Tivational Speaker

I made this little gem with the help of Alexandria Berry and Micheal Foulk.  As always the Talent Loop is responsible for the shoot, the edit, all the important stuff I couldn’t do alone.  The Summer and Jared characters will be getting a spin off show of their own, webisode one coming Fall 2011.