spirit desire

DJ Jazzhands

My troupe Spirit Desire released a new video recently and there’s a damn good looking cop that shows up.

AND here is a video we did for Michael Domangue before he moved to ol’ New Orleans!



Glen Gibson Christian Comic

Good golly was the Funniest Person in Austin competition fun this year.  I used one of my improv open mic characters that I developed for a Spirit Desire show, Glen Gibson Christian comic, and brought him out to Cap City Comedy Club in Austin Texas.

5 HR Energy

I love being part of a comedy scene with something to offer.  Some of the funniest dudes and gals get me involved in their high quality work and I’m pleased as peaches about it.  I always say yes to working with Austin Texas based comedy troupe Spirit Desire.  Small roles, large roles, dinner rolls… yes, I want in.  My scene partner is Erik Horn of Arts+Labor , no one acts like unaffected business men better than we do.  For more Spirit Desire check out their video home page.  All of this made possible by The New Movement Theater.

Worlds Most Dangerous Somersaults

I recently had the good fortune of working with the improv troupe Spirit Desire.  Give ’em a click to see some of their videos.  I had a cameo in the Spirit Desire video below, Worlds Most Dangerous Somersaults.