How do you like your standup comedy? Some like it smokey, some like it wet, and some like it pure. With “Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober,” we have representatives from each group performing comedy challenges to determine which state of mind makes for the best performance.
Stoned: Pat Dean, The Outlaw Montgomery Wayne
Drunk: Zach Brooks, Avery Moore
Sober: Joel Keith, Sara Reihani
$5 RSVP does not guarantee a spot!
9pm tonight (616 Lavaca St)



Only You

When I first started stand up I had a lot of weirdo ideas and sometimes, when they were just right, they would work. Those times, when the weird thing worked, are some of the most gratifying performances I can remember. As I performed more often and opportunities started coming my way I closed up this sandbox of oddities. “You never know who’s watching, it’s time to get serious.” I told myself. While this is true and taking comedy seriously, to some extent, is a good idea, it’s important to get in the sandbox from time to time. Here is a video of me getting sandy again.