Benefit for Sandy Le

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The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid To Die

During SXSW, I was in a garage off of 51st in the most residential of neighborhoods, The Clippers were up first and they were wrecking shit in a wonderful way.  My favorite band in town was up next but 5-0 rolled through and shut the whole thing down since it was midnightish.  I can’t say enough about this band, The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid To Die (aka The World Is), they’re from Willimantic CT, I lived there for a bit myself.  I had the pleasure of performing stand up before one of their shows held at a lovely venue called The Handsome Woman.  I don’t know how to classify music but I’m certain their style will help you hearken back to a time when you first listened to something you love and respect.  When mixed with their passion for, not only their music, but what they do, you have something that makes this world a more beautiful place to live… had to say it but I mean it.  I will follow you for the rest of my life or until you turn your back on me by trying to do something creatively that I’m ‘so so’ on.

This video is the top banana.

twiabp from Western Worlds on Vimeo.

A favorite

If you don’t have the Formlessness Ep get it from Topshelf Records.  Click on this picture of band member Derrick Shanholtzer and a little girl that inspires him to go to the Topshelf Records site.  They got great reviews on this EP and it’s provided a lot of opportunities for them, rightfully so.

Derrick cat

Check ’em on tumblr here.

I know this post is getting long but I have to put up a few more of my favorite songs because I think you deserve them.