Teacher Work Day

My Preschool recently had a teacher work day.  It was a pretty nice break and a lot of good ideas were tossed around but lets be honest we were going to do some “goofing off”.  Sign language was the most fun and it inspired Zach Hanes to create some signs of his own. You can see all these cartoons and more in our TOONS section.


“An Important Venn Diagram”

Megan Simon recently sent me what she described as “An Important Venn Diagram”.  I absolutely love it and learned a lot about Basketball and Aids as they relate to one another.  Check out more TOONS.

The Book of Lyle

Zach Hanes has been hiding an internet gem known as The Book of Lyle.  I’m a huge fan of this project, the first chapter is especially well written and the pace is spot on.  Hanes does it all as animator, writer, and voice actor.  Watch more videos by Tiny Eyes Productions and share The Book of Lyle with all the humans you know.  I F-Damn love it.


(9) I get paid for doing this…

I get paid for doing this…

My 3 and 4 year old students had to dress up and the teachers decided to jump in on the fun.  My costume was more like a character that I call Single Dad.  I strapped a doll to myself and put on some thick glasses then went around saying, “Have you seen my child… will you be my wife… Carol is that you?”

Draw John Mayer Please

Draw John Mayer please.  I’m not doing this in a serious way or in a joking around sort of way.  This is not ironic and this is not heart-felt.  I simply want you to draw John Mayer, scan the drawing or take a picture of it, and email it to me.  This is simple, just draw John Mayer playing the guitar, walking his girlfriend, eating a salad, whatever… label it (i.e. Elephant John Mayer, Baseball Player John Mayer) then email it to me at