Vanessa Gonzalez

AC Lerok/Handbomb, The Late Slot

Join John Buseman and I (AC Lerok) as we open for Handbomb (Micheal Foulk Vanessa Gonzalez) 9pm at TNM (616 Lavaca). Then it’s time for The Late Slot at The Velve on 6th street 11pm!



Podcasts, Posts, and Pelvises

Touring the east coast with Airsex as a stand up comedian and judge was a one of a kind opportunity that delivered and kept me on my toes the whole time.  It was a damn pleasure to spend so much time with Chris Trew and Vanessa GonzalezSophie Johnson, a woman I didn’t know at all before the tour, turned out to be a one of a kind performer, shes’s unlike anyone I currently know.  The good the bad and the quirky, Sophie is onion.  Check out her wonderfully constructed and maintained website The New Storyville, you might hear me on a very well produced podcast or two as well (episode 15 and 16)!