(3) I get paid for doing this…

I get paid for doing this…

In this picture I’m doing my best Marilyn Monroe.  Thanks to Kat J for the skirt and Canadian denim vest.

Dress Code

I’m one of two guys that works at my day care.  Summer is coming up and everyone wants to show off their crazy bod so we need to set guidelines for an appropriate look.  While it didn’t apply to me I felt like I had to speak up about the new dress code memo that went out.  My bod is my words, how can you try to stifle my self expression while teaching someone to tie their shoe or serving steak fingers and a vegetable medly?  I’m lucky my boss and coworkers have a great sense of humor.  I just ate so my belly is confident in this picture.

Shout out to Lanette for coaxing me into asking about a gym membership dressed like this during my break.  She was so kind as to accompany me to the gym above our day care and witnessed me telling the woman at the desk that I was ‘trying to get that beach body’.  She was very nice to me and not just all customer servicey.


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